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Are you a Tag Management Vendor?

February 6, 2013

If so, I think I’d like to speak with you.  I say “think”, not because I’m not sure whether I want to actually talk to you, but because the world of Tag Management Systems seems to be forging ahead at lightning speed, and this is a concept where I feel like a novice.  I’ve been thinking “I should really investigate this further”, but putting off the topic for a bit while working on other areas of our Analytics Practice here at Vail Resorts (in my defense, it’s the middle of ski season, people!)

So I’m trying a slightly different approach here, time (and the future) will tell me if this is a good idea.  My organization does not currently have a Tag Managment System in place, but we have talked about it at a high level.  Due to current projects, priorities, and budget, I do not yet have a timeline for when we bring a TMS on board.  But, what I would like to do is set up time to get my Analytics and Web Development teams familiar with the world of TMS, so we can better assess the feasibility and timing of such effort.

So, having said that- if you are a TMS vendor, I’d love to set up an intro meeting to go over the following:

  • Overview of what a Tag Management System does
  • Overview of the business benefits of having a TMS
  • Overview of the technical benefits of having a TMS
  • High level overview of the TMS Implementation process
  • High level product demo
  • Tips for building the business case to spend $$ on a TMS

This goal is to provide the folks I work with (and myself) a good sense of what we are biting off when we say “Let’s get a Tag Management System”.

If you are interested, please shoot me a Direct Message on Twitter (@nancyskoons) and let’s start talking about a meeting.

Since I am experimenting with my approach here- let’s add some crowdsourcing into the mix.  If you have already implemented a TMS, and think there are other topics or questions I should include in the list above, I’d love to hear that feedback in the comments!

I’m trying this approach because I am feeling too busy to reach out to vendors on an individual basis- it seems like this is an easier approach to outline what I’m looking for and see who is intereseted in talking.  I also like the ability to document my thoughts ahead of time, which is why I thought my blog post would provide an easy reference for myself, and anyone who wants to chat.

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